CULTIZM Fabric Guide: Cotton

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CULTIZM Fabric Guide

Fabric is a core part of fashion. Why? Everything is made from a special fabric as it is the base for any creative fashion idea. Designers tend to follow an aesthetic and sometimes they play with the materials. Furthermore, to achieve better results, they must have a strong knowledge both for fabrics and silhouettes. 

CULTIZM Fabric Guide: Cotton


The most popular fiber in the world

Our first article is about cotton and as you may have noticed: Nearly everything is made from this fiber. But let’s have a look inside the world of fabrics. 


Cotton is a seed fiber grown as a protective around the seed of the cotton plant. It is known to be the most popular natural fiber in the world due its softness and fluffy feel. Usually it is off-white in color and can be dyed with different methods.


Cotton is derived from the Arabic word “Kutan” and it has been grown for more than 6000 years. Around 3000 BC is was found woven in cloth in Pakistan and the brought to Europe in 800 AD by merchants. With exploring more and more is was known worldwide by 1500. 


Cotton requires extremely high moisture levels. Thus only rainfall or irrigation during the growing time ensure a perfect cotton fiber. After growing season it needs a warm and dry environment to be picked. Through ginning the fibers will be separated from the seeds. Unfortunately a large-scale intensive production requires a high usage of chemicals and a huge water consumption. 

Classes of cotton 

The grade of cotton depends on cleanliness, whiteness, fiber length and fiber strength. A longer staple usually indicates a higher quality and a softer hand feel. Extra long staples are Supima cotton from South America, Sea Island cotton from the Caribbean and Giza cotton from Egypt. 


Cotton is used for nearly every garment. Tees, pants, jackets and accessories are made from it and stand out for their soft feel. 


Do you would like to feel good in your outfit?

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