Naked & Famous Pickle Rick “Solenya” Selvedge

You are wondering why they have chosen Rick & Morty?

Lets talk about this TV series…

The show shows around the adventures of the members of the family Smith, which consists of parents Jerry and Beth, their children Summer and Morty, and Beth’s father, Rick Sanchez, who lives with them as a guest.

The adventures of Rick and Morty, however, take place across an infinite number of realities, universes and worlds with the characters travelling to other planets and dimensions through portals and Rick’s flying car.

But who is Rick actually?

Rick is an eccentric and alcoholic mad scientist, who eschews many ordinary conventions such as school, marriage, love, and family. He frequently goes on adventures with his 14-year-old grandson, Morty, whose naïve but grounded moral compass plays counterpart to Rick’s Machiavellian ego.

Summer, Morty’s sister, is a more conventional teenager who worries about improving her status among her peers. But sometimes she is a companion on Rick and Morty’s adventures. Beth, mother of the two kids, is a generally level-headed person and assertive force in the family. But she is  not satisfied with her marriage to Jerry, a simple-minded and insecure person, who disapproves of Rick’s influence over his family.

And “Pickle Rick”? 

“Pickle Rick” shows up in Season 3, Episode 3. Side fact: This episode was inspired by Breaking Bad’s episode “4 Day Out”.

In short:  The scientist Rick Sanchez turns himself into a pickle just as he and his family are scheduled to attend a therapy session. The episode separately follows Rick’s adventures as a pickle and the rest of the family’s trip to therapy. 

Naked & Famous and Rick & Morty

Naked & Famous did many collaborations/capsule collections with tv-series. Do you remember? The Dark Knight, Dragonball Z and at least the Toxic Avenger, thus Rick & Morty is just another edition! We are looking forward to the next episodes of Rick & Morty and new pieces from Naked & Famous