YOKE. The Connector

What the brand description says…
The brand name Yoke means “to connect” and “to bond”. The brand was started by designer Norio Terada in 2018 with a focus on the concept of “connecting” and it is still is their main intention that the brand’s items connect people. The Japanese label produces casual knit clothing that can be worn any time as we pursue our usual lifestyle.

… and what we think:¬†
The brand  Рor better to say the attitude РYoke shows us how a connection between high quality garments and people works. With their collection consisting of sweatshirts, coats and trousers they have a wide range of garments. Our styling team had so much fun to combine the different fabrics and has produced different moods. We can happily announce that we received a further batch of items Рjust have a look!