Wax London


How it all Began

London brought us together. Between the three of us we had studied, worked in and been born into this industry.

It was in our DNA.

We decided to start a brand that was relevant and accessible. Respecting heritage and blending our contemporary influences we’d create understated and beautifully made products. We’d select amazing fabrics, full of texture and character, that were durable and long lasting.

Driven by a belief in doing things the right way we’d focus on ethical production and minimising our impact on the planet.

We’d create the products that we wanted and were proud to own.

So, absolutely full of enthusiasm and passion for our idea we set off and pretty quickly we’d developed a wax jacket, made entirely in London.

But then of course we needed a name for our brand and Wax London was born.

Steffy, Tom and Rich

Wax London

Their Mission

To be a force for positive change doing the best for customers,
community and planet.

Design their product to have as little impact as possible on the environment both in its production and through its circular life cycle.

Do things the right way. Be transparent about their goals and ask their Wax London community to hold them to account.

Promote inclusivity in everything they do from the way they build their brand to the way they deliver it.

Give back in ways that the Wax London community recognise as meaningful.

Love what they do and be proud of the way they do it.

Grow the Wax family by becoming a global brand.

That all sounds serious and so it should, building a brand with
integrity is a serious business.