Cellar Door SS21



Driven by Tradition’s Excellence and Contemporary Design

Cellar Door would like to take this opportunity to highlight its collection in this peculiar garden that displays characteristics and details that are unique in this world, mixing a traditional park with a new multimedia approach. This reflects Cellar Door’s main mood, driven by tradition’s excellence and contemporary design.

Cellar Door SS21


About the park

Founded in Schio by Alessandro Rossi, a pioneer in the Italian textile industry in the second half of the 19th Century, with which he aimed to reward his loyal and valued col­laborators by creating for them an oasis of tranquility and peace, where each element recalls the unification of Italy and where the blossoming flora displays the Italian flag (called “Tricolore” italiano) sequentially throughout the seasons.
An homage to the beauty of our world of tex­tiles, inspired by a passion for colour and detail and by the great visionary Alessandro Rossi.

The brand’s vision

Cellar Door is proud to support the often forgotten artistic and natural heritage with a combination of art and fashion, where his­toricity takes on new life through the new frontiers of design and communication.


Feel inspired now?

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