Baracuta x EG – Interview with Daiki Suzuki

As you may have noticed CULTIZM received some items from a new Baracuta x Engineered Garments collaboration. We would like to share an interview with you, made from Baracuta with Daiki Suzuki, the founder of Engineered Garments. 

In the blog posting we have published last week about Baracuta x EG, we gave you a sneak preview into the collection. It is only a sneak preview, because you have to try these items – their fitting, fabric and at least their stories. 

Baracuta Engineered Garments
Baracuta Engineered Garments


Daiki can you give us a brief introduction to your role? How did you move to America? How was your passion for fashion design born?

On a day to day, I manage our Nepenthes America office and do all the design work for our brands that are based in New York.
I started out as buyer for our Nepenthes stores from 1989 to 1999. I came to The U.S. in ‘89 when we started Nepenthes in Tokyo. We needed someone to live in the states to take care of finding new products and shipping them out. I always dreamed of a day when I could produce a clothing line of my own based on my knowledge and experience.

How did the Engineered Garments project come to life? As a designer and as a brand were there difficult moments? What did failures and unresolved projects teach you? (If ever occurred)

I started my own brand, because I felt that I had something I really wanted to create. Other than that, I do not really have any troubles.

Have you known WP for long? And how did you get in touch with them?

I was not at all that familiar with WP, until I was contacted by Andrea of WP in 2005 to design their Woolrich Woolen Mills line.

Have you covered roles for WP?

I designed for the brand Woolrich Woolen Mills for 11 seasons. I tried to bring back archived Woolrich patterns and put a new twisted idea on it for the market. This was especially the case during Fall & Winter seasons, where I would heavily use the washed wools and vintage jacquard patterns produced from Woolrich’s Pennsylvania mill.

What has your experience in the WP world left you?

It taught me how to work together with a large team on various projects.

WP is also the owner of the brand Baracuta, with which you collaborated. During your travels in America, is it true that it had another name, and that it was used by American golfers?

You may be referring to Four Climes. I do remember vividly, the first time I saw the Four Climes G9 at the store. It was in Cable Car Clothiers in San Francisco. I thought this was just a name that Baracuta came up with for American market during the 70’s. I’m not exactly sure how it happened.

What do you think about the brand Baracuta within the WP world ?

I believe WP has been introducing men’s classic styles from the beginning and Baracuta as a brand is great. One of men’s classic outerwear staples in the world.

How do you think Baracuta should approach the new world post Covid ?

No changes. Just stick to the Classic and add something new for the season.

Do you think that in a post-Covid world, as reported by many key figures, that for what concerns historical brands or historically inspired brands there could be a great return, where customers wish a timeless concept piece like Baracuta’s G9?

I am not so sure about this. Not just because of the Covid-19 situation. Men’s fashion has been changing so much recently and continues to do so. I believe everything gets more complicated and diverse.

We can say that Daiki Suzuki has, after his love for America, a great attention also for the Anglo-Saxon world, having collaborated for several times with Barbour which is another of the brands distributed by WP.

Yes, I love this brand, because I grew up with it and I was so honored to be able to collaborate with them.