BARBOUR: A long story behind the legends

“For more than a century, Barbour has been a well-known and established manufacturer of innovative Jackets, upper and various menswear products. The British brand has been owned and managed by family members for five generations and remains to be located in the original location of South Shields since 1894. Their well known and highly successful waxed jackets still form an essential part of the Barbour collections and remain to be the brand’s original and iconic products. The waxed jackets made by the English traditionalists are very functional and include useful details that work in the worst weather conditions imaginable and stand up to the toughest demands.”

That is only a short introduction into the long history of Barbour. Have a look at our history board and a video from Barbour to see what hides beneath the surface of waxed cotton. 


Now you got a small overview… Lets see, what we prepared for you in the CULTIZM assortment. We would like to share with you some products with high-quality fabrics and long-lasting characteristics.