YOKE TOKYO: A new Japanese Standard

We would like to introduce a new brand at CULTIZM: YOKE

The brand name “YOKE” means “to connect”, “to bond”, “clothes for switching clothes”, etc. The brand started in 2018 AW with the concept of “connecting”.

“Things connect humans, humans connect humans, humans connect things” – They want the brand’s items to connect with various people.
The knit items in the main, they propose a high-quality items that can be worn in unisex. The Japanese label YOKE, started by designer Norio Terada in 2018, produces casual knit clothing that we can be worn anytime as we pursue our usual lifestyle.

We can happily announce that CULTIZM is one of the first stockists in oversea of YOKE. Thus we are looking forward to a new Spring Summer 2021 collection with and for you! Further, we will announce the official release of the high quality garments early enough.