Kaptain Sunshine x Porter Yoshida: A new year, a new collaboration

Walker Coat
Walker Coat

The “Walker Coat” is the most iconic piece from Kaptain Sunshine. As you may know – it is available in multiple colors and fabrics. With every season you could find a new model or a new style in their collection. Made from finest materials. Made in Japan. 

This Walker Coat is made of fine Egyptian cotton and silk. The fabric is yarn-dyed and woven with high density. Due to its weaving technique this coat ist water repellent and prepared for wind and rain. 

Some words about the fitting: For easy wearing Kaptain Sunshine made a loose fitting coat. Made from 62% cotton and 38% silk we got a lightweight coat, finished with two side pockets and a top button detail this item is a perfect coat for Spring Summer 2021.

Kaptain Sunshine and Porter Yoshida made a small but special collaboration: 

Porter Yoshida was established in 1962 by Yoshida & Co, famous for high standards that are still applied today to design and manufacture. Porter bags are produced exclusively in Japan. The durable nylon repels dirt and water, and the bags have a timeless design, which means they will both stay in style and last a lifetime.

The tote bag  features a size that is useful for daily use. The main material is a nylon material that has been bonded. The interior is quilted and has two small pockets. You can store a 13-inch notebook and A4 files. Have a look in our blog post about tote bags as we have a big assortment! 

These three bags may be carried over shoulder or by hand and have a little logo on the front. They are all made by Porter in Japan. Please see the dimensions: 46 x 41 x 20 cm,  to have a first impression of the sizing. 


This M65 fishtail parka inspired cloth is made of yarn-dyed cotton polyester. It includes a removable hood  so it can be worn for 3 seasons. More precious it is made from tightly woven cotton and polyester. Thus it is wind and water repellent and has a firm feel. It features two side pockets, an adjustable waist and hem and is finished with a loose fitting. Made in Japan.

A small history part: 
The M-65 fishtail parka has a detachable hood and was the last revision (of the M-51 parka). It features a removable quilted liner made of light nylon / polyester batting which are modern synthetic materials. The M-65 fishtail parka first came into production in 1968. These parkas featured synthetic fur on the hoods. Only hoods for these parkas made in 1972 and 1973 featured a real fur.