NANAMICA: beyond borders & ideas


nanamica (jap. “seven seas house”) combines fashion and functionality in their high quality products. Their goods are neutrally designed, finished with high-end fabrics such as GORE-TEX. Thus there is always a mix from high-quality fabrics and inspiration by nature.

They always keep a little distance from the trend, because those trends end year by year. nanamica produces garments that we can wear as long as possible in our daily lives. Their brand name was inspired by the sea and by work with all people over the world – beyond national borders and ideas.

CULTIZM would like to introduce new products to you, within nanamica’s credo: “timeless standard wear” and with a neutral design they created a collection that transcends genres, ages and genders and sets “utility” and “sports” as keywords.


nanamica’s collection was always inspired by nature – this is their credo: 

“Under the clear blue sky, the surface of the water with sparkling prisms. It may suddenly change its facial expression and swell wildly. The world changes in an instant. That is why I always want to be myself.”


nanamica makes clothes that support such an everyday character. With the use of natural fibers, and chemical fibers produced by technology, they continue to develop hybrid wear that is similar to the skin. You may be able to stay as you are, while you can spend your time comfortably. Now to the sea, now to the city. It’s up to you, use nanamica’s goods where you are.



Fluorite, the raw material for Gore-Tex. It is a natural mineral produced by calcium fluoride, and it got its name because it fluoresces when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Fluororesin “PTFE” (polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as Teflon) obtained from fluorite has excellent heat resistance and weather resistance, is resistant to harsh environments, and is further stretched to form a Gore-Tex membrane.