OrSlow M-47: One Third

There is something new… something special… CULTIZM and OrSlow just did a collaboration. Maybe some of you heard about it, thus we wouldn’t like to withhold the release item: CULTIZM x OrSlow M-47 Pants. But there is a long way from the inception of a pair of trousers and we would like to show some footage from the production. It’s just a little insight into fashion, tailoring and working in the fashion business, but it’s good to know. 

Belt loops in the making: 
There are several ways to make fabric belt loops. You could stitch your loop fabric right sides together and turn inside out, you could also fold the seam allowances in and then press and topstitch.

1. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise wrong sides touching. Press to mark the crease in the center.
2. Unfold the fabric, then press each long edge into the center fold line.
3. Fold in half again lengthwise, press and pin.
4. Edgestitch along the long edges of both sides of the strip to close the loop and create some decorative topstitching.
5. You can now cut your long strip of fabric to the needed lengths for all individual loops.

You would like to see how it happens in a fast way? Just have a look at the video beside – it’s from the OrSlow M-47 production.

Waist band is fixed: After several steps of making a waist band, it has to be added to the legs of the pants. In the footage below you have the chance to watch the calming feeling of something-is-done-with-accuracy. That is OrSlow’s creed: Slow down and focus on details. Made in Japan. 

Trousers are done… With a special sewing technique! For trousers’ legs it is quite normal to use a felled seam for the finish.

A felled seam is a seam made by placing one edge inside a folded edge of fabric, then stitching the fold down. The fold encases the raw edges protects them from fraying. The fold may be secured with a topstitch or a whipstitch. It is useful for keeping seam allowances flat and covering raw edges. But just have look at our last video footage, to get impressed by OrSlow’s sewing skills. 

The release date will be announced via Instagram, Blog and Newsletters. Just keep an eye on our website – first come, first served!