Cultizm’s free time favorites

Covid has massively changed all our lives. We hope you still have the possibility to work and you and your loved ones stayed healthy or will recover soon. But no matter what, quality time at home has taken on new value and is more important than ever to all of us.

This is why we want to share our favorite free time activities with you as well as cosy styles and relaxing playlists to say thank you for staying with us and give back inspiration and love. You’re the best!

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Free time favorites

When we asked around the office we were surprised how many different things that we had loved forever are still possible to do. Although the focus has admittedly changed.

Beside everyone spending a lot of time with enjoying books, documentaries and series and some of us deeply being involved with gaming we’re not 24/7 digital. There is so much time we spend with cooking really nice meals now to enjoy them with our families. I think we could say our eating habits have improved.

And our connection to nature has definitely also changed. We spend much more time outside, doing yoga in a clearing in the forest or going for long walks. In the evening our colleague from accounting is walking his dog through the farmer’s fields and a small forest for a good and easy exercise, since he is working from home now and not longer cycling to the office. Others are working on a car and a motorcycle at an old farm and having bike tours through the countryside. That’s so atmospheric!

Let’s relax

Of course there’s not always a chance to go outside. So why not dress a little cosier to enjoy a really relaxed time indoors? We have prepared some outfits for you and hope to inspire you.

Listen and smile

You already made plans for the weekend now and have chosen your favorite style. Then it’s time for a bit of anticipation. Why don’t you listen to one of the playlists below to enjoy this mood a little longer?

Please feel free to share your favorite free time activities and styles in the comment section below. Stay safe!

Your Cultizm team