Momotaro X CULTIZM: The 3rd

We’re back with the new collaboration!

We cannot believe this is already 3rd time with Momotaro, the first one was Bandana printing overlayed on GTB, to celebrate our 15 years anniversary.

It’s been a year since we launched our 1st collaboration, but we actually planned this for 6 months and are very happy to share the result with you.


We always wanted to blend a simple idea for such collaboration; what would be the best story to talk about the brand?

As the first collaboration was based on our best selling core item, now we decided to look further to introduce something from another perspective.

Then we found out people loved the “Sashiko” model, GTB stripes are covered by indigo dyed sashiko.


Then the idea finally came to a simple question again; why not white GTB?

The going-to-battle stripes were always delivered in white, except some cases, and we always loved to see those stripes dyed and fade on indigo color by wearing them for a long time.

So we decided to deliver ‘white sashiko’ GTB model with two fits.


The one is ‘0306’, tight-tapered fit, most-known for our customers made with signature 15.7oz Zimbabwe cotton.

Another one is ‘0906’, regular-straight fit, we barely introduced it to the market.

However, the demand for wider fits is getting higher and we thought this is an interesting story for both Momotaro and Cultizm. 


Some details still remain as we had before, such as triple color stitching and Cultizm logo inserted Peach-boy leather patch as well as their iconic pink inseam stitching. This time, special made cotton bags will be added.


Both items are available now! Shop HERE