RoToTo – High quality socks made in Japan

RoToTo is a high-quality socks manufacturer focusing on functionality and comfort. All made in Japan, based on the concept of ”lifelong consumables”


Machine / Yarn / People

Rototo socks are produced in the Nara prefecture; the well-known cluster of socks production in Japan. The small batch production has come true with experienced craftsman through a series of long trial and error. Carefully selected knitting machines from a variety of types controlled by real human hands and not by automatic programming, which is usually the modern style. A good combination of machinery, human and yarn makes Rototo the best quality as possible.


All made in Nara, Japan

North west of Nara prefecture is located at the center of Japan, which is known as the biggest socks production center. Surrounded by natural fields with area providing a lot of ancient history topics. More than 100 years ago, a man brought a knitting machine from USA and launched socks manufacturing in Nara. The era begun in EDO when they started producing specializing cotton called YAMATO GASURI which eventually grew and still has the reputation of producing many of the finest socks.


Recycled garments from the production

The binding rings on the socks are the waste from the production process, which are usually considered to be garbage. The high volume of such waste is delivered to local social groups and used as materials of cushions and other furnishing. Rototo re-uses such wastes as packaging as well as showing our sizing. It is also used as display unit by hanging. We leave this choice to individuals in their own use, which is our original idea.