Engineered Garments – SS20

It was the first time that we met Daiki Suzuki, the designer of Engineered Garments when we visited Man Paris 2 years ago. Of course we all knew the brand, but never expected to meet him there in the show. We were lucky as he was quite free when we visited, thus we had some time to talk with him before we just jumped into the collection.

When our buyer introduced himself, he mentioned he also started his career as a buyer in Nepenthes. That was the first time he met Keijo Shimizu, the founder of Nepenthes, then the history began.

After almost 10 years in buying, Daiki finally returned to NY in 1998, he started Engineered Garments and Nepenthes New York at the same time, the Japanese re-interpretation of the american fashion, made in New York.

In 2009, he won GQ/CFDA best new menswear designers in America award, becoming the first Japanese CFDA member.


Here below is a part of interview that we found on nepenthes website, showing what the brand really is.

“What I do is basically a rehash of something I saw in the past, but I’m a person who easily becomes perverse. Though I have my own rules, everything might go in the end. People think I have never changed my idea, but actually it changes frequently. Sometimes I think I run out of ideas and at other times I become eager to turn over my job to someone else. But it is impossible for me to do so as I worked with a team (laugh). While I think of such things, an idea comes from somewhere and a collection takes shape at a furious pace. I try to make it faster, but it always finishes right up until the deadline. All the products I design must be of satisfactory quality and appearance. Although high-end brands might be able to make better stuff, I’d like to keep designing clothes only ENGINEERED GARMENTS can produce.”

Here is our own interpretation of the first delivery of SS20 season, please visit our store to see what’s available now.