Nanamica – SS20 lookbook

Please welcome our 1st new brand in the SS20 season.

“I like doing nothing and just looking at the sea. It reflects the sun, gets immersed in orange at sunset, and when the veil of the night descends there is only the sound of the waves.”

Nanamica cherishes the feeling of freedom that is felt when the horizen is stretched out before you. People who live by the sea, people who live in the city, people who live in the mountains…

Nanamica wants to create clothes that are basic with a feeling of freedom that fit people wherever they are.

Even if the sewing and details of the tailoring are classical, the team incorporates the use of high functional materials like COOLMAX and ALPHADRY, so that it is more of a hybrid.

Nanamica clothing is ever the same and always new.

Stay tuned for more.