Stevenson Overall – New Arrivals

It’s been always about old and new. Stevenson Overall is always bringing garments from historical pieces to it\’s own modern interpretation. The difference of Stevenson Overall is the brand is not in a specific category when it comes to their garments selection. (They always carry basic denim products though.) It can be from military, hunting, western indian, and even casual ivy look.

New products were just introduced at cultizm, but these are not really new as they are also in the basic philosophy of Atsu, the designer from Japan. We met him in Tokyo in March and had a small dinner with him. He said he does it as he likes it. Thus it doesn\’t really belong to one category, not only from design and style but also from fabric. He was also planning to use even technical garments for next seasons.

This season, you\’ll find all new products under this direction. There are the Settler Trousers based on European military trousers with modern interpretation from Atsu. The signature \’Cody\’ shirt in stretch corduroy, also the \’Civilian deck jacket\’, which is a mixture of US navy N-1 deck jacket and M-43 liner, are interesting pieces.

The \’Deck Shooter Coat\’ is the only heavy outwear of the season based on aircraft officer smock with an athletic touch. It features drop soulders, patch pockets with hidden hand warmer pockets for funtionality. The fabric is made of polyester and mixed nylon with a special finish to give it a vintage touch and feel, and makes it water-repellent.

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