A.P.C. x JJJJound

You are in the presence of a person of whom I am spiritually jealous. Justin is doing exactly what I started to do in 1987 when I founded A.P.C. in the sense that his approach is extremely obsessive and driven by a search for perfection that is almost impossible to attain. (By this, I don’t mean that we’ve lost our aesthetic ideals. Let’s just say that we’ve decided to explore a greater diversity of products.) Working with him is literally like being in a dream in which I’m talking to a younger version of myself.
In these superficial times, overflowing with vain and useless ideas, his approach touches me deeply. Justin and his little company remind us that the meaninglessness of the world might one day be lessened thanks to him and people like him, who work in all sorts of fields.”

Jean Touitou, Founder of A.P.C. Paris


JJJJound launched in 2006 as a digital mood board intended to examine the recurring patterns in timeless design. With thousands of curated images, the color-coordinated visual stream of consciousness has become a global mainstay and reference for the design community. Since its inception, JJJJound has grown in the last decade into a collaborative design studio that aims to inspire through multiple channels; through fabrication of items with purpose and longevity, through the design and construction of meaningful physical environments, and through the continued curation of its digital platform. In addition to its own projects, JJJJound has worked in collaboration with numerous established artists and brands to extend its strong design ethics. Located in Montreal Canada, the design studio is operated by founder Justin R. Saunders.

For his interaction with A.P.C. Justin R. Saunders, a Canadian raised in Germany, focused on a first degree version of the brand. Easy and one dimensional looks have been composed through working on what makes A.P.C. menswear essential.

Two t-shirts, one hoodie, one sweatshirt, one pair of sweatpants as well as a backpack and a key chain compose this sober interaction. Justin R. Saunders developed a character inspired by the New Yorker’s cartoons for the Rough t-shirt. His favorite denim, the petit standard, will be available in raw and bleached denim, in a slightly new version with a leather label on the back and three pins attached to the belt. The three pins represent respectively: the A.P.C. logo, the JJJJound logo and the little character present on the Rough t-shirt. In addition, a new A.P.C. candle has been developed called “Forest”, the scent resembling a walk outside.

All items were released today and can be found at cultizm.com