Yesterday, Rob from Eat Dust visited us. We had a very interesting conversation,  most of it was about the market changing and the developement or the direction of Eat Dust and their store. The brand is quite well established/recognized as a ‘motorcycle’ or ‘denim’ brand, but he says the brand isn’t really belonging to one specific category.

Rob and Keith, the heads of Eat Dust,  have both worked for big denim houses such as Lee, G-Star and Diesel, thus the initial collection was pretty much about denim. However, they also worked at Eastpak and Raf Simons, were riding skateboard and have been a fans of punk rock for a long time.

At the very heart of East Dust lies those two guys’ rebellious nature. Merging counter cultures, music, western, military, americana and motorcycle subcultures with classic mesnwear into a contemporary lifestyle. Even street/skatebording culture has influence on their work.

We just received the 2nd delivery of Eat Dust, and now we truly see what he meant. Please check the lookbook. For this season, they teamed up with their friends Lenka Shibata and Mathieu Peladan. We hope you appreciate it as much as we here at Cultizm do.

Most items are available at now.