Lee x Timberland Collaboration

Lee x Timberland Collaboration

On the move

On a journey, not knowing what the destination might be can be the thing that transforms it into an adventure. In the great outdoors, even with a destination in mind, being open to different paths and unplanned stops can be the thing that immerses you in nature. Satisfaction can either come from co-operation with fellow travellers, or from the knowledge of how much you accomplished by yourself. Luck plays a part, of course, but you need to have your eyes open to see the luck as it happens. There’ll be time to think about what’s behind you when you’ve stopped, and time to see where you’re going when you’re there. The best part of the journey should be what’s happening right now, under your feet.

Being completely equipped for the terrain, the climate and unpredictable weather, gets easier as Lee makes advances in clothing to suit every situation. Not to be overburdened with the weight of bags and being able to stay nimble and practical helps get you to focus on where you are and enjoy what you’re doing. When packing for adventure, start with the things you’ll wear for ease and durability. This doesn’t have to always enter the realm of super high-tech man-made fibres, but can be based on natural, familiar and comfortable clothing. Denim is established as a workwear cloth, out of a place and time where people historically needed a fabric which always held up to strain and hard work. There is a continuity and tradition of things done well that is woven into companies who have been making clothing over the last century and who continue to keep the values of hard wearing materials at the heart of their designs. Both Lee and Timberland have seen changes as they adapt to new eras, but have always remained honest with the products they sell across the world. From top to toe, the layers of workwear based styles and the sturdy flexible boot remain comfortable for all our journeys.


Lee started this collection through looking at many archival references. Both Lee and Timberland have such wonderful examples of well crafted workwear. Lee kept the materials in line with some of the classic elements, but gave a twist to the components. Thinking sustainably about developing the denims Lee chose organic cotton, linen/flax and recycled polyester for the yarns and reduced the garment wash to a minimum and added a light waterproofed coating, which is neither visible or tangible. Lee designed the shades of the denims to be brighter, cleaner green-cast shades, reducing indigo in the dye process. The leathers of the boot are also to remain pure and clean, using the denim to top the boot for comfort.

Brass trims are chosen as the obvious metal historically for both brands. Blanket stripes, as printed linings, pocketing and printed backs give an archival nod to many of the clothing styles. Corduroy collar and cuff details, turned up onto neck or down onto hand and wrist keep the wearer cosy in windy weather. Modern luggage details with clips and nylon webbing are added to the denim designs for ease and function to get the fit just where it fits best, without resorting to a heavy belt. Technical taped seam constructions on the layered waterproof styles give more protection and function against the worst of weather. Reflective tapes and piping is seen clearly for night time visibility. Timberland’s recognisable colours of wheat and rust are matched and used as threads to construct and top-stitch the indigo styles together. The leather patch on the jeans matches that of Timberlands boot.

Lee x Timberland Collaboration

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