Rocky Mountain Featherbed – Welcome back

If you’ve known Cultizm for a long time, you probably remember this name. Rocky Mountain Featherbed. The brand wasn’t available on Cultizm for several years, but we’re very happy to show it again! Rocky Mountain Featherbed was founded in Jackson Hole in Wyoming known as “the Cowboy State”, U.S.A., in the late 1960s. The company created its iconic down vest with a seamless single-piece leather yoke for cowboys. The idea of the yoke came from the leather capes that Native Americans were wearing. Rocky Mountain Featherbed’s down vests became very famous for its cold-proof and heat-retaining features which were compared to those of feather beds. The founder of Rocky Mountain Featherbed is a pioneer of using GORE TEX® which was the most high-tech materials at that time. His outdoor knowledge learned at National Outdoor Leadership School and survival skills helped him to develop a GORE TEX® mountain parka with the leather yoke. It was thought that the brand would grow further, however, it ended up disappearing in the 1980s.


35 SUMMERS CO., LTD has taken over of the reproduction of the famous down vests in 2005. They even surpassed the original after 20 years of research on the vintage Rocky Mountain Featherbed. Today, they produce unique luxury down products sustaining the solid value of the brand’s original traditions, such as the yoke cut out of a single-piece of leather and the natural mouton collar, while adding contemporariness. Rocky Mountain Featherbed attracts many people around the world throughout many generations. The aim is to provide people with the quality and joy of wearing the timeless value of Rocky Mountain Featherbed that can be immediately felt when their clothes are put on.

For their return, we decided to bring two styles back to Cultizm. The first one is the iconic Christy Vest which defines the brand as itself. The second one is a new invention and new direction, the NS down jacket.

Both are available at Cultizm now, quantities are very limited!