Baracuta – The history of G9 Harrington Jacket

There are several “BRANDS” which actually stand for some iconic styles. The classic trench coat, for example. It is literally called a ‘burberry coat’ in some countries rather than ‘trench coat’.

However, you may remember this harrington jacket from your dad, but may not know that it was actually created by a brand named ‘Baracuta’. The so called ‘G9 jacket’ is actually all about Baracuta, and all about the harrington jacket, which can be easily found in the collections of most casual brands recently.

John and Isaac Miller started making the original G9 Baracuta at their Chorlton Street factory in Manchester. It’s the world’s first ever harrington.


The Miller Brothers mission was to create a ubiquitous outerwear brand that would offer stylish protection from the unpredictable british weather. One of the first things that the Miller Brothers did, was to find a house check, a signature. the brothers approached Brigadier Simon Christopher Joseph Fraser, the 24th clan chief of Clan Fraser, Lord of Lovat, bequeathed the family tartan to the brand.


1947 – 1950

The rainwear were all given names such as Topliner, The Convertible, Derry, Coronation, Classical. They clearly were very proud of their product, a product designed to not only protect from the rain, but to protect with style and elegance.


1950 – 1963

Business for the Miller brothers was going well and like a lot of entrepreneurs they started to seek out the trappings of fame and fortune: a bigger house, a new car and of course: joining the golf club. It was the golf adventure combined with the opening of their American office that brought the famous G9 into play. Combining their knowledge of rain protection and style, they knew that if they could invent a bomber jacket, or a swing coat, that they would not only be the most stylish players in the clubhouse, but that they would be providing the world with one of the most unique silhouettes of all time.


1964 – 1966

The name Harrington became synonymous with Baracuta and gained even more success thanks to movies and music sub-cultures such as the Mod. Baracuta also supplied the coats for the England’s World Cup winning team in 1966.


1968 – 2005

Arnold Palmer and Tom Gilbey collaborated with Baracuta while the trend was now crossing over from Ivy League to Mod, and from Mod to Ska and Punk. The Clash, Razorlight and Franz Ferdinand continued the heritage.




For a century, the jacket was beloved by a lot of people. Especially movie stars and musicians liked to be seen in it. Here you will find some known faces.




Synonymous with the word “Harrington”, the G9 is the definitive, authentic Harrington Jacket. Worn and loved throughout history by mainstream artists, sport stars and underground music idols, from Hollywood to the Hacienda, from Manchester to Maine, is known and appreciated for its versatility and undisputed style. It remains a true ICON of our time. Here’s a new design for improved wearability. Water repellent outer shell, Coolmax cotton Fraser Tartan lining, Doublebutton fastening collar, two front flap pockets, ‘Umbrella’ back vent and a ribbed waist and cuffs.

Every season, Baracuta delivers seasonal colors of the G9 jacket. So you will see some new colors at Cultizm soon, as well as new nice Montgomery duffle coat in two colors. We prepared a small capsule lookbook with a new color named ‘Chocolate’, a slightly faded-like deep brown color. Available soon at