Momotaro X Cultizm Type-2 blanket lined jacket – Pre-order

Time really flies, it’s been already almost a year that we started to prepare this special with Keita when he visited our office last year. We already released three products with Momotaro this year to celebrate our 15th year anniversary. The first two jeans were sold-out immediately, and the 2nd jacket also got a lot of attention even though it was released beginning of summer. (Click here to see the product.) Finally, we’re very happy to show you the 4th, the last special item we prepared.

Photo 27.08.19, 08 19 41


It’s not surprising that we all came up to the same idea like this when we had a meeting all together. Last winter, we had a huge demand for Lee 101 Storm Rider jacket during the whole fall/winter season. Then we thought like ‘why not for Momotaro?’

It looked quite easy, but in fact, it was not easy to produce as the original fabric(15.7oz selvedge denim from Zimbabwe cotton) is quite tough and heavy, thus needle may not work properly as the blanket itself is already quite heavy and thick. We had the same issue actually with Bandana GTB for previous jacket. We actually planned to have a shirt instead of jackets but it was technically impossible to sew the fabric around arm. So we had to decide either we’ll use normal paint, or sewing it on jacket, not shirt.

Photo 27.08.19, 08 20 30


Everytime we prepare this kind of special, it’s much harder than we expect. Thus it takes much longer to make it as perfect as possible. But we really wanted to stick on the idea of using Bandana printed fabric instead of normal GTB painting, thus we chose jackets. (And probably this is why you won’t see many collaboration jackets from Momotaro, they are mostly jeans with different stitching or GTB colors but still painted.)

Photo 27.08.19, 08 23 01


We can say this jacket is really including all idea that we have brought for last 3 items with features like;

  • Based on the best seller 2105 Type-2 jacket
  • with the best selling fabric 15.7oz Zimbabwe 100% cotton selvedge
  • Unwashed(this is very important as Momotaro only produces ‘rinsed’ from this year)
  • White Bandana GTB stripes. (same as our jeans previously launched, the one in blue already released)
  • Bandana printed pocket flaps inside
  • Custom leather patch specially designed by Keita from Momotaro
  • Original Momotaro Buttons
  • White/Yellow/Red tripple stitching around the back
  • With side pockets(older 2105 models are not with side pockets)
  • Blanket fully lined including body and sleeves. (lining composition: 50% wool, 45% polyester, 5% acrylic)
  • and of course, made in Japan
  • Made to order, limited to 25 pcs.



Photo 27.08.19, 09 19 53


Everything was good until we receive the price list. We all know blanket lined jackets is normally much higher in price compare to the normal unlined denim jackets. But we didn’t expect that high. We thought about it for a quite long time but we couldn’t give up any single idea in this jacket, thus decided to launch pre-order with 15% off price. In this way, we wanted to give more chance to people who might want to own this nice jacket in cheaper price, even though we lose some margins.

Photo 27.08.19, 08 21 25


In this reason, the pre-order will automatically stop after 25th orders or 5th Sep. As mentioed, production was very difficult for this jacket, and we didn’t want to make you wait for a long time to get this. The delivery will be end of Nov, the best season for this jacket. We’re doing our best to make it as early as possible, but so far end Nov is the earlist. As they are made to order, no returns will be accepted. The size is almost same as unlined 2105 jacket, however, you may feel a bit tighter as it’s blanket lined. But we’d recommend you to stay in normal size.