Buttero AW19

Founded in 1974 by Mauro Sani, who set out to make the best riding boots in the world, Buttero remains owned and run by the Sani family. Buttero\’s soul – and sole – is bound to Tuscany. The footwear has and always will be made in this enchanted region of Italy. Buttero builds shoes with a passion for tradition, creativity and authenticity: the Buttero mark is a symbol of quality. 



Buttero emerges from the sunbeaten hills of Tuscany: the best traditions of Italian shoemaking refined into leather footwear of premium quality. Named for Tuscany\’s old-time cowboys, the Buttero brand is renowned around the world for its superior leather riding boots. Handmade by craftsmen in Stabbia, Tuscany, Buttero boots honor the Tuscan recipe book with simple, honest, local ingredients. Buttero uses the best local vegetable-tanned leathers, which age beautifully, like the region\’s wine. The silhouettes benefit from the Italian eye for form, proportion and style. The final result: a fusion of pure rawness and elegance.

For the upcoming AW19 season we offer you a collection of well-known classics, your favorite pieces and models made from unique materials.

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  • B7350GORH-UG_01
  • B8205VARD-UG_01
  • B8503CRK-UG_1
  • B8503CRK-UG_5

Especially the crack leather is shown in a different way. We had a basic crack leather version which is also known as its code name \’Bian\’. The original one is a subtle crack, so it looks actually very similar to suede. So if you don\’t look closely, you won\’t notice. This time, the new crack leather is more obvious which makes it easier to recognize this crack-feeling. The coarse surface texture combined with the shiny deep black creates an incomparable combination of elegance and streetwear look.

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