A.P.C. x Cultizm – Limited Edition

We\’ve teamed up with A.P.C. to find the best option for a raw denim, which is comfortable and easy to wear in summer. The result is a lightweight, but still sturdy 13oz selvedge denim, which will fade beautifully.¬†This is a special edition exclusively available at Cultizm.

The Petit New Standard has a slim fit with a tapered leg and mid rise. The jeans is made of 100% cotton and already sanforized. This model has a red selvedge line and a button fly.

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The collaboration idea came from our first meeting in their Paris showroom. After several years of successful business with A.P.C, we wanted to have something special only available at Cultizm.com
However, A.P.C almost never produced exclusive pieces for any retailers. A.P.C is a big company and they have a long production plan as well as very strict design concept. So we had to make it as simple as possible but still in a special way so that we can show it as an \’exclusive\’ piece. It took almost 2 years to have this special denim.



There has been always demand for low oz selvedge denim from A.P.C. Because their denim is quite popular for its good quality and affordable price as well as its fast fading with strong contrast. However, there was also a negative feedback from people unfamiliar with heavy denim. They mentioned that it\’s too stiff and hard to wear, in essence quite uncomfortable.

It was very lucky that we finally found this denim and could produce lower oz denim but still in 100% cotton made. Of course, we chose \”Petit new standard\” fit as it was the most popular for last 5 years.

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We prepared a small capsule lookbook with this special piece. It looks just like a normal selvedge denim, but it includes our historical moments and also opinions of our customers. We listened your voices and this is the result. Hope you like it!