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The Type 3s jackets have been a mainstay in 3Sixteen\’s collection ever since they launched them as part of their FW14 collection. They designed them in homage to the classic Type III jacket, with a few tweaks of their own to modernize the silhouette. The jacket features the signature crossed back yoke and corduroy lined cuffs and pocketbags, coupled with a slim, modern fit. They were always available exclusively in their 14.5oz flagship shadow and double black selvedge denim, save for a few one-off special projects.

The new Lightweight Type 3s Jacket features the same 12oz lightweight denim that is found in their bottoms collection, and just like the jeans, it features a light garment rinse and line dry to soften the fabric and give it a broken-in feel. While many love the raw, crunchy nature of their 14.5oz flagship denim, this new version jacket is meant to offer a different experience: one where the jacket is ready to go off the rack. There\’s no break-in period here. And as you can see, this is the first time they\’re offering an in-line traditional indigo denim in their Type 3s body. The jacket is available in their 101x (indigo/white), 122x (indigo/black), and 222x (black/black) denim, which are all custom woven for us by Kuroki Mills in Okayama, Japan.

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Over the years, we\’ve heard many requests for a looser-fitting Type 3s silhouette, and with this new version, we\’re happy to oblige. The fit has been completely re-engineered with lower armholes, fuller arms and a roomier chest which allows the wearer to treat the jacket more like an outerwear piece that can be layered under.

The original Type 3s jacket was cut intentionally slim and designed to be worn over a t-shirt or light button down. This one is sized in a way that you can wear a hoody or sweater underneath it in colder months. You\’ll also be able to take your standard 3sixteen tops size in this jacket, unlike the last version. So if you\’re a Large in their tops, we suggest taking a Large in this new jacket which will allow for layering, and if you\’re looking for that slim fit our old silhouette was known for, you may even be able to size down to a Medium.

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Just like their standard 14.5oz Type 3s jackets, the Lightweight Type 3s will be a mainstay in their collection and they\’ll be running them every year in the springtime. They will aim to keep them in stock in the warmer months, and switch over to standard weight Type 3s jacket production for fall/winter. The Lightweight Type 3s launched June 28th.

Save the date: On August 2nd the Type 3s will be launched as a natural denim version.

Here\’s a sneak peak of it on their IG channel: Stay tuned!

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