Nigel Cabourn – 40 years of Passion

It\’s probably not so well known that Nigel Cabourn, a British vintage/military clothing designer, started his own label \’Cricket Clothing Ltd.\’ based on more trend-oriented designs. We all know a small coincidence/event can change one\’s life completely, and that\’s what happened to Nigel.

In early 70s, Paul Smith was helping Nigel to distribute his brand in UK. In 1978, Paul showed Nigel  a vintage military jacket that he had bought on a vintage flea market in Paris. That became Nigel\’s first vintage UK military garment. And so everything began. Since then, Nigel started to collect vintage pieces and let himself be inspired by their timeless design, he mentioned in an interview that he owns more than 4000 pcs currently.



There\’s no doubt that he is an influencer on Instagram, but he was already widely well-known before any social media, especially in the far east such as Japan, S.Korea and Hong Kong.

In the 80s, Nigel met Sam Sugure, who was working with Margaret Howell at the time. Sam liked the brand a lot and asked Nigel if he wants to introduce his brand in Japan. Currently, the brand is handled by Outer Limits Co., where Sam works as president, and is also in charge of distribution for our good friends Filson and Merz b. Schwanen.

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Currently he is showing the brand under 3 separate lines.

  1. Authentic: the mainline for more sophisticated with high-end fabrics mostly made in the UK
  2. Lybro: the second-line for a more relaxed look, mostly made in Hong Kong
  3. Army Gym: jersey line for t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies
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After a long partnership, we decided to expand our Nigel Cabourn collection in a much wider range. You can see more lines and items including upcoming collaborations with Element and Mihara Yasuhiro.

Some of the new collection pieces are already available at Cultizm.

Please have a look.

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