“It’s kind of a three-part series of ideas. I wanted one to be… the opposite of the image of luxury, but done in materials that are considered luxurious,” he said. “Things that are destroyed, some of which have been partially repaired. The other was about mountaineering, but mountaineering in the ’70, before they had high-tech material, before they had Gore-Tex. And the last was patchworking.”

Junichi Abe, the designer of Kolor, said this about his AW19 collection in an interview. Yes, it\’s totally anti-luxury with holes and worn-out textured garments. Mountain climbing and patchwork are also main themes which stand opposite side of the image of luxury, and makes the entire theme look good altogether.

After a long career at Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons, Junichi Abe launched his own label in 2004. Capturing the fashion worlds\’ attention with retro color schemes and ultra-contemporary silhouettes, the Japanese brand plays with patterns and fabrics for an eclectic aesthetic.

Coming soon.

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