Gypsy & Sons

Founded by Yoshichika Kato, Gypsy & Sons is a Japanese label focused on function. The brand focuses on various men’s workwear styles while incorporating special techniques such as specific processing and dyeing. The atmosphere and details are based on reproduced vintage garments, and a unique world view to create a balance of the “Workwear” and “Dress” style as a key look. And it proposes a completely new “Work&Dress” casual, combining urban silhouette with european causal look.

This season they’re a newcomer to Cultizm with two jeans, two jackets and four classic 40’s sneakers.

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The Keel Man jeans are inspired by work wear of the early 19th century worn by the men, called stokers or firemen, that carried coal all year around at the bottom of the trade ships to fuel the engines. The jeans have been produced in a contemporary silhouette, so it is easy to match any style of today with them. Made of 13.5 oz Japanese selvedge denim with cotton from Memphis, USA, they come with belt loops, suspender buttons and a pink selvedge ID.

The Work jackets are made of the same material as the jeans and come with herringbone twill lined shoulders.

The shoes are part of a collaboration between Gypsy & Sons and Moonstar. Moonstar is a shoemaker founded in 1873, around 150 years ago. They started with Tabi production in Kurume, and now manufacturing vulcanized shoes. Moonstar purchased German-made sewing machines and started mass-merchandized manufacture of Tabi for the first time in Japan. In 1925, they started to use rubber soles attached to the outsole part of Tabi shoes. Now they still work with the same manufacturing method, which is called vulcanization, a rubber sole is molded by vulcanizing and pressure-bonding to the shoe. Thus the outsole is both fitting and hard enough to hold the shape. The process makes the sole especially durable.

The sneakers were built on the 40’s US wrestling shoes motif. Inside is a red reinforcing tape to make extra sure of the hold. There are 9 holes for shoelaces, which is a common feature of vintage sneakers. Since the part of the laces is double reinforced with another cloth and the body and color are slightly different, it makes for a nice contrast. The color difference will change further as you wear them.

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  • Denim Keelman Pants GS1229919A_01
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