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How to wash, wear & care for your Levi’s


Everyone has that favorite pair of jeans they hope holds up as long as possible. But with so many myths on denim care, what’s the best way to keep your jeans lasting a lifetime or two?

Wash them once every 10 wears at most to maintain fit and prevent too much “rebound.” Or go even longer and wear them until they smell a little funky. Use a damp cloth or old toothbrush with mild soap to remove small stains instead of washing them. You know the distinct lines and creases you see on your jeans, the ones specific to you? That unique look comes from wearing your jeans for long periods without washing.

Dryers are the natural enemy of jeans. All that lint is your jeans breaking down. Instead, hang them up. Line-drying preserves the fit and helps you avoid possible shrinkage or fabric warping. Turning your jeans inside out and hanging them in a shady space prevents fading and avoids soggy pockets.

Cold water keeps the color you love. Washing with cold water protects them against fading and shrinking. Turning your jeans inside out and hanging them in a shady space prevents fading and avoids soggy pockets.

Levi’s Fit Guide

“The historic Levi’s 501 jeans”


Since introducing the iconic rivited denim jean over a century ago, Levi’s has been refining the fit, fabric and features of the 501 in response to each succeeding era. Sometimes subtle and only apparent to a discerning eye, the differences between each of the historic 501s help tell the story of the Levi’s Brand and the ever-evolving landscape of the American frontier.

Levi’s Vintage Clothing reproduces each of the most historically significant 501s from the past 123 years exactly as they were when they were first introduced. Details – including the fabric, fit and packaging – are true to the original. The denims are recreated on the original shuttle looms. The pattern for each jean is accurate to the last inch. The garment itself is meticulously sewn true to era. And finally, once the jean itself is reconstructed, the exact packaging, including any hangtags or pocket flashers, is reprinted and affixed.

While this obsession with detail gives them the pleasure of reliving their Brand’s history, it also has a more practical benefit for their customers, giving each one of them the chance to step outside of the limits of fashion and discover the exact 501 that is right for them, their body and their lifestyle.

Source: Levi’s Vintage Clothing